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A Journal of a Plague Year

A Change in the Light

These small gouache works were begun while I watched the sky change colour from my home in south east NSW during the fires in early 2020. The abstract elements in pastel were added later to make up the compositions,

2a Sue Chancellor Composite 3-2.jpg
4 .jpg
5 Sue Chancellor Composite 2 (1) copy.jpg

Regeneration- after the fires

After the fires steady and continuous rain incorporated ash into the soil and the native plants around my studio flowered abundantly.

Boronia fraseri monotype with pastel, 76cmx 56cm
Correa reflexa, monotype,pastel, 76cmx 56cm
5 Susan Chancellor_D0A4606.jpg

Boronia fraseri

Correa reflexa

Grevillea robusta

 2022-05-25 17.03.28.jpg

Westringia naringa 

3 Susan Chancellor_D0A4599.jpg

Callistemon citrinus

1 Susan Chancellor_D0A4592.jpg
2 Susan Chancellor_D0A4595.jpg

Melaleuca fulgens

Eremophila nivea

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